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Custom Stocks

Custom Molded Stock

Custom Moulding is an option that is viable for many companies, small and large who want to duplicate their particular stock. Virtually any design can be reproduced in fiberglass and will add all the great features of stability and strength. Cost is reasonable and the more stocks produced means reduced mold cost on a per stock basis. We're happy to quote on tens, hundreds even thousands of stocks for manufacturers.

The orange stock in the photo was built to allow the easy installation of a strap hinge to allow the butt to fold. It included molded in inserts to accept screws for hardware and the butt was shaped for a release mechanism and for ammunition storage with a swivel butt plate. It had to fit a spot behind the pilots seat in a SAR helicopter. The custom mould was designed to save the manufacturer from doing major modifications to the usual available stocks and to offer a superior product at less cost. We are happy to produce a superior shooting platform for any rifle from rimfire to 50 BMG!