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The Edgewood Softy

The Edgewood Softy is our quality bag for "bag squeezers". The Softy is made from heavy Elk Hide for an extra soft, squeezable Rear Bag. The base is extra thick, but still soft (not a hard donut like the Original or Gator bags). The fill tubes are located out-of-the-way in the base and have tabs for easy tuck-in. The ear base is finished with Elk Hide trim. This bag is approximately 3-1/2" tall with medium height ears and a 3/16" ear spread – the taller, soft ears will accommodate just about any stock style. If you prefer to squeeze your Rear Bag for minor sight adjustments instead of turning knobs on your front rest, the Edgewood Softy is the perfect Rear Bag for the job.



The Edgewood Softy
Tan Leather
Body Height: 3 ½"
Ear Height: Regular (2")
Ear Spread: Regular (3/8")