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Barnard Precision

Barnard New Zealand Robertson Composites is very proud to be the Canadian distributor for Barnard of New Zealand.

Barnard is best known round the world for the Model P action - a favourite of competitive long range prone shooters (such as Palma team competitors, and NRA prone shooters). Over the last several years they have introduced new models ; the PL, PT and P-Chey (all variants of the P), the Model S (externally configured to match the Remington 700), the Model SM (a variant of the Model S which is magazine fed). And not to forget, the Model GP.

One thing that is constant across the models is the adherence to the highest quality of manufacture. Barnard actions are finished to the stage where blue-printing IS NOT REQUIRED. Where an action should be round, concentric and centred - it is. The lugs bear. The bolt fits with minimum clearance when locked. All components that should be centred are. The actions are built with a huge surplus of strength. The ingredients for outstanding accuracy are all present. But please don't believe us - ask any international level Palma or F-Class shooter who uses one.

Borden Rifles

Bordon Rifles Rifles manufactured by Borden Rifles have won numerous Benchrest events including over 100 World Records and National Championships. Jim Borden developed and piloted many of the action truing techniques that are now widely used in the custom rifle manufacturing industry. Many shops advertise that they build to benchrest standards or use "dialled in" benchrest techniques. The Borden shop has developed those techniques and they have been proven in Borden Rifles in registered competition. The award winning rifles utilize The NEW Rimrock actions that are made in the Borden facility with patented "Borden Bumps". Particular care is put into each and every rifle that comes out of the Borden shop to produce extremely accurate rifles - whether they are for hunting, plinking or competition. Prices reflect the time and care that is used to customize and manufacture rifles and accessories to high standards. Borden Rifles are recognized for reliability and extreme accuracy in hunting as well as competitive applications. Robertson Composites is pleased to supply Borden action and complete rifles. RCI manufactures many of the stocks Borden uses on its rifles.

True-Flite Barrels

True-Flite Logo Total Dedication to Quality and Customer Satisfaction. True-Flite rifle barrels are manufactured with custom built machinery designed to produce the highest quality product. Gun drills, bore reamers and rifling buttons are made by companies acknowledged as the best in the business. Combined with there own system of micro-honing, this technology results in extremely straight, round bores and a very fine surface finish. True-Flite barrels are stress relieved at least twice in a Brainchild BTC-9300 microprocessor-controlled furnace to ensure dimensional integrity. No True-Flite barrel ever requires straightening. True-Flite barrels are made in New Zealand and are proven performers around the world.

Stiller Precision

Stiller's Precision Rifles To supply the best quality components at a reasonable price without the long delivery typical of our competition. We believe that everybody wins when the customer can purchase the best available parts and services for a competitive price without a long wait. SPF strives to build the highest precision actions available in the world today. We will not be happy unless each and every product we sell is the best. We will buy necessary machinery, consult any expert or do whatever it takes to improve the quality and availability of our products. We will build to suit the demand and plan to have actions and complete rifles on the shelf for the customer that wants immediate delivery. We will also provide custom variations for the customer, providing that quality or performance will not sacrificed. Of course, there will be a short additional delivery time.