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RCI2 - H & H

Designed by Tony Halberg and John Hastie of New Zealand. Similar to the Original design but with a parallel forend and slightly smaller grip. Used by the NZ Palma team with the Millennium action. Designed to fit the wide body actions. Butt profiled to accept Anschutz accessories. Separate cheek piece. By far our most popular prone stock, also used by the USAMU.



RCI2 - H & H
Intended Use:
Target Prone / Practical
Handedness Available:
Left / Right
US / Imperial
Overall Length: 30.125 in 76.518 cm
Front of Grip to Butt: 10.500 in 26.670 cm
Depth at Action: 2.000 in 5.080 cm
Width at Action: 2.250 in 5.715 cm
Depth at Tip: 2.000 in 5.080 cm
Width at Tip: 2.250 in 5.715 cm
Weight Before Inletting: ± 3.7 lbs ± 1.67 kg

Color & Texture Choices