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Master Class Course

Designed with input from a tactical shooting expert, the Interceptor is suitable for Quadlite, Nesika and Remington actions although many more will fit. A compact stock which carries easily and has simple, easy to adjust hardware. The stock shown has our butt spacer system although a three way butt also works.
Butt profiled to accept Anschutz accessories



Master Class Course
Intended Use:
Target / Course / Position
Handedness Available:
Left / Right
US / Imperial
Overall Length: 30.6250 in 77.7875 cm
Front of Grip to Butt: 10.7500 in 27.3050 cm
Depth at Action: 3.1000 in 7.8740 cm
Width at Action: 2.3500 in 5.9690 cm
Depth at Tip: 1.4250 in 3.6195 cm
Width at Tip: 2.1000 in 5.3340 cm
Weight Before Inletting: variable variable

Color & Texture Choices