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RCI1 - Original

Our original design which goes back over 20 years. It has developed and changed over the years into a classic prone style. This model has been used for just about every action going. Some actions in which the trigger is forward need to be inletted flush with the back of the stock (such as the RPA Quadlock). The forend tapers from the grip forward. Butt profiled to accept Anschutz accessories. Used by the USAMU.



RCI1 - Original
Intended Use:
Target Prone / Practical
Handedness Available:
US / Imperial
Overall Length: 30.3750 in 77.1525 cm
Front of Grip to Butt: 10.7500 in 27.3050 cm
Depth at Action: 2.0000 in 5.0800 cm
Width at Action: 2.2500 in 5.7150 cm
Depth at Tip: 1.7500 in 4.4450 cm
Width at Tip: 2.2500 in 5.7150 cm
Weight Before Inletting: ± 3.7 lbs ± 1.67 kg

Color & Texture Choices