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Smallbore Prone

Designed by Alex Sitman for smallbore prone shooting to fill the need for a true smallbore prone stock.
This is currently a paint grade stock, which means that the surface finish is not to our usual standard and should be painted.



Smallbore Prone
Intended Use:
Target / Prone
Handedness Available:
US / Imperial
Overall Length: 30.0000 in 76.2000 cm
Front of Grip to Butt: 10.3750 in 26.3525 cm
Depth at Action: 1.9000 in 4.8260 cm
Width at Action: 2.1700 in 5.5118 cm
Depth at Tip: 1.6000 in 4.0640 cm
Width at Tip: 2.1700 in 5.5118 cm
Weight Before Inletting: ± 3.4 lbs ± 1.54 kg

Color & Texture Choices